We love the DU Civil Rights Clinic

We are once again co-counseling with the DU Civil Rights Clinic.   The students’ first court appearance was last week.   Since I was thoughtless enough to run off before we could take a proper courthouse-steps photo — or even a proper dinosaur photo —   I thought I’d share some photos from our preparation.

Rachel and Ryan prepare for court in DU’s mock courtroom:

{Image: two people sitting at a table with a laptop computer on the table between them. On the left, a blond woman in a red jacket. On the left, a brunet man with a short beard in a plaid shirt. Both are in their 20s. Both are mugging slightly for the camera.}

Amelia, who is not yet admitted as a student attorney, provides feedback & encouragement:

{Image: same individuals as in the photo above are in the background. In the foreground, a woman with dark hair pulled back off her face and a blue hoodie sweatshirt is smiling, holding up a cup of coffee, and giving a thumbs up sign.}

Prof. (“Judge”) Webb calls the court to order:

{Image: a woman with curly hair wearing a white scarf stands behind a podium and in front of a large TV screen.}

Prof. Fontana gets to play opposing counsel while a portrait of Dan Hoffman supervises the proceedings.     May we all go forth blessed with his wisdom and eloquence!

{Image: a woman with short salt and pepper hair and a black shirt sits at a table with a large jar of tea in front of her. A portrait of a man in a tan suit is on the wall in the background.}}

We had a successful day in court Friday, though since it was only a status conference our victories were logistical.   Rachel and Ryan did a great job, and we really love the opportunity to work with the Clinic’s excellent students and professors.   For me, it’s like having all the fun of teaching law with none of the actual teaching skills!

More news on the case coming soon!

Update:   Rachel supplied the official courthouse-steps photo.   Looking sharp, guys!

{Image: Three people, all in suits, standing in front of a glass-fronted building. The woman on the left is blond and is wearing a dark skirt suit with a red shirt. The man in the middle is wearing a dark suit and a red tie. The woman on the right is wearing a dart pants suit with a light shirt.}