Welcome, Sarah!

We are very excited to announce that Sarah Morris is joining CREEC as a staff attorney.

Sarah2b (2)

Sarah received her law degree from Columbia University School of Law in 2010, and her B.A. from the University of Connecticut in 2004, where she majored in English, with a semester well-spent in London studying art history and Shakespeare and begging for ketchup with her fries.   Prior to joining CREEC in 2014, Sarah was an associate at Killmer, Lane & Newman, LLP, where she represented clients in civil rights cases involving constitutional law and federal civil rights statutes.  At CREEC, Sarah continues that practice and also works to promote civil rights through CREEC’s education efforts.   In 2014,  Sarah was named a Colorado Super Lawyers Rising Star.   (Her tights and cape are on order!)

We are very glad that Sarah is part of our team!   And I think we still owe our friends at Killmer, Lane & Newman a couple more drinks for our crime of associate rustling.   I hear they take that seriously out here in the West.