CREECster Julie Wilensky Presents at PELA Brown Bag

Julie Wilensky, Director of CREEC’s California office, and Jacob Richards of Keller Rohrback, LLP presented at a brown bag sponsored by Colorado’s Plaintiff Employment Lawyer Association on the subject of Advocating for the Rights of LGBT Employees.

{Image:  Two people, a white woman and a white man, both wearing business casual dress, stand in front of a building with the painted sign, "Laundry on Lawrence * Est. 1886."}

The lunch was held at Rathod Mohamedbhai’s awesome new building, Laundry on Lawrence.  We all got a tour after the presentation.  Q and Tim check out RM’s excellent ramp:

{Image:  Concrete ramp with two men at the far end, one a white man in a brown coat in a wheelchair; the other a darker skinned man with a beard and blue shirt standing next to him.}

And we all appreciated the fantastic decor.

{Image: Office kitchen with a high table and six stools in the middle and, on the right, a red wall behind appliances.  The wall on the left is painted with what appears to be the face and eyes of a large purple insect.}


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