CREEC Comments on Sweeping Anti-LGBT Law in North Carolina

CREEC attorney Julie Wilensky was quoted in an article in Mother Jones and ProPublica on the far-reaching impact of the so-called “Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act,” North Carolina’s sweeping new anti-LGBT law that mandates discrimination against transgender people in public schools and universities and other government buildings, as well as eliminating important protections for North Carolina’s workers.

Advocates at Lambda Legal, the American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU of North Carolina, and Equality North Carolina recently filed a lawsuit, Carcaño v. North Carolina, which the North Carolina Department of Justice has declined to defend in court. Advocates also sent an open letter to school officials to inform them about the consequences under federal law for refusing to allow transgender students to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity.

For information about what you can do to support repeal of this extreme and discriminatory new law, contact Equality North Carolina.

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