CREEC and allies file amicus brief on mootness question in SSA overpayment case

“Oiling the squeaky wheel should never erase the responsibility of our government to treat all of us fairly.” –Lindsay Nako, Impact Fund

On June 24, 2016, CREEC, Impact Fund, and Justice in Aging, joined by a coalition of twelve other nonprofit allies, filed an amicus brief in the Fourth Circuit in a case against the Social Security Administration. The court will review SSA’s attempt to unilaterally moot the claims of potential class representatives challenging SSA’s practices for recouping alleged benefit overpayments that happened many years ago. The brief emphasizes the economic vulnerability of those affected by SSA’s ongoing policies and practices, and the importance of preserving access to class actions as a way to address these issues in a systemic fashion.

To learn more about the case and the brief, check out Impact Fund’s blog post.

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