Welcome Martie!

CREEC is extremely excited to announce the opening of CREEC’s Nashville office and the appointment of Martie Lafferty as CREEC’s new Director of Accessibility Projects.

Martie will be focusing on representing people with disabilities in a variety oImage: Woman with short dark hair and glasses smiling at the camera dressed in a blue suit.f access cases around the country, including access to communications and the built environment.  Martie comes to CREEC with a wealth of experience, including litigating access cases against the State of Tennessee to eliminate barriers preventing access to the state’s court program — which resulted in the landmark case of Tennessee v. Lane, 541 U.S. 509 (2004) — and against a medical provider who refused to provide a diagnostic MRI to a wheelchair user. She has also represented numerous deaf and hard of hearing people who were refused effective communication in settings including housing, medical offices, hospitals, courts, jails, and legislatures.

Prior to joining CREEC, Martie was a Litigation Associate at Stein & Vargas, LLP and previously Legal Director at Disability Rights Tennessee. Her extracurricular activities include picking her banjo, playing with her dogs, and attending concerts. Martie is admitted to practice in Tennessee.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Martie!

  1. So proud of my cousin, Martie. She is a brilliant lawyer who is passionate about people with disabilities having equal rights and equal access. CREEC is fortunate to have Martie Lafferty join them.

  2. What an honor it is to have Marti Lafferty represent CREEC. Having worked with her on many occasions over the years, I know what a great asset she is to the team, and the heart, compassion, and expertise she has to offer.

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