Welcome Megha!

woman of Indian descent standing outside. smiling and one hand on hip. wearing a red dressCREEC is pleased to announce that Megha Patel is joining us as a summer intern with the Accessibility Project. Entering her third year at Belmont University College of Law in Nashville, Tennessee, Megha brings with her prior internship experience in criminal justice and legal volunteer work supporting the arts. Megha has a long-held passion for civil rights and is especially interested in the nonprofit sector.

“My interest in civil rights and nonprofit work drew me to CREEC,” Megha states, “but I also wanted my internship to introduce me to new things. I haven’t had much experience with disability law yet and I want to know more. This internship will give me the opportunity to learn more about both disability law and the impact a nonprofit can make in the community. I’m especially interested to see how federal disability rights laws can help people during the current global crisis, when such laws at the time of creation did not anticipate this kind of situation.”

Megha’s internship with CREEC’s Accessibility Project will provide her with opportunities to work on multiple critical and timely issues including discriminatory healthcare rationing and barriers to effective communication.

Outside of school and work, Megha is an avid reader, enjoys painting and scrapbooking and, during the corona virus pandemic, is exploring cooking and gardening, too!

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