Farewell to CREEC Founders Tim Fox and Amy Robertson

Amy, Tim, Martie, and Holly (dog) smiling together. Amy is a white woman with short gray hair. Tim is a white man with short hair and glasses in a wheelchair. Martie is a white woman with short dark hair and sunglasses. Holly is a golden retriever.
Amy, Tim, Martie, and Office dog Emeritus, Holly

Please join us as we say farewell to our founders and inaugural Executive Directors Tim Fox and Amy Robertson. While we are pleased to have many reasons to keep in touch with Tim and Amy—friendships, co-counseling, and their ongoing board membership, to name a few—we recognize that this is the end of an era for CREEC.  

When Tim and Amy founded CREEC in 2013, they brought a wealth of experience from 17 years of private practice. During those years at their small firm Fox & Robertson, they successfully litigated class action discrimination cases against major companies such as Kmart, Burger King, Taco Bell, and E*Trade Access as well as individual cases, all securing equal opportunity and greater access to the built environment for people with disabilities.  

We are deeply grateful Tim and Amy stepped out of their comfort zones as litigators and took a leap of faith to create this high-impact nonprofit civil rights organization. While at CREEC, they have continued being forces for systemic change by, for example, ensuring accessible curb ramps through settlements with the cities of Boston, Colorado Springs, Denver, Portland, San Jose, and Seattle; making certain that hotels which offer transportation to guests include options for accessible transportation through settlements with RLJ Lodging Trust and Ashford Hospitality Trust, Inc.; making sure that people who are Deaf and hard of hearing are provided with effective communication through settlements with Harvard, MIT, the Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado Department of Corrections, and individual businesses and medical providers; and making a system-wide legal challenge to the civil rights abuses in the immigration detention system by filing a lawsuit against Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security.  

In addition to their litigation accomplishments while leading CREEC, Tim and Amy have expanded our organization to house two programs, one to address disability discrimination and the other to tackle rampant civil rights violations in immigration jails; grown CREEC from a two-person organization to one which currently has nine staff members located in Berkeley, Denver, Los Angeles, and Nashville; and ensured that CREEC is recognized as a leading voice on a wide range of civil rights issues. Coming full circle, Tim and Amy announced earlier this year that they are returning to private practice at Fox & Robertson. We send them off with our love and appreciation as we look forward to seeing where this new adventure takes them. 

With gratitude and excitement,

Martie Lafferty, Executive Director

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  1. Creec needs more time of responsibility of responding people in needs and effectiveness helping clients advocate and representing to working case by case without turning them away and running around with running their statues of limitations state and federal law. We ask no person turns away on favoritism and discrimatory on acquaintances. We ask this Creec to retain more probono and partnership and participation with friends of courts, law schools and firms to get in quickly and serve them best the best. It’s serve community the best interests and needs teams instead of two founders to sue big businesses for money and time consuming. People with disabilities needs help..

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