We’re starting the new year with a bang (or rather, a fancy accomplishment we’re going to boast shamelessly about). Tim and Amy were selected to 5280 Magazine’s Top Lawyers 2015 list and specifically recognized for their expertise in Civil Rights and Disability law. The list consists of 345 legal rock stars in the Denver metro area. You can scope out the list on 5280’s website or read it in the January 2015 issue, which is on newsstands now!

Image: 5280 magazine logo, with text "Top Lawyers 2015, Our first-ever list of more than 300 of the very best attorneys, in 46 specialties, in the Denver metro area. By Patrick Doyle, Rebecca L. Olgeirson." Graphic of Denver city and county building with gavel, law book and scales of justice.

5280’s editors assembled the list by sending ballots to thousands of attorneys in the greater Denver area, asking them to recommend top lawyers in various legal categories. The editors also interviewed local lawyers to get an in-depth, insider look at the legal profession and its current up-and-comers and movers-and-shakers. For more information about how 5280 assembled their list, check out the FAQ about halfway down this page.

CREEC congratulates all of the other fine lawyers on the list, especially the extraordinary company we find ourselves in under the heading “Civil Rights.”  We raise our glasses in the general direction of John Holland, David Lane, Mari Newman, Laura Rovner, Mark Silverstein and Rebecca Wallace.  And by “raise our glasses,” I mean we’d like to take you all out for drinks!

Image: List of civil rights lawyers with the names listed in text in the blog.

Thank you to 5280 Magazine for including Amy and Tim (and CREEC) in their Top Lawyers list!