ADAAG-nerding out!

Spent the past two days in Baltimore at the annual conference of the National Disability Rights Network.   I got to attend a couple of amazing workshops, hear speeches by two rockstars of our field, Eve Hill, Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, and Jim Weinstein, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of United Spinal, and geek out on the ADAAG by teaching a three-hour session on ADA surveys.   Since I just bought a new lens, I also made a pest of myself with my camera.   Herewith a couple of photos.


Image: photo showing head and shoulders of a white woman with light red hair and a white suit wearing a pearl necklace speaks into a microphone.


Image: photo of head and shoulders of a white man with salt and pepper hair, wearing a suit with a red tie, speaking from a lectern with a microphone in front of him.

My co-presenter Tom Crishon, of the Indiana P&A, and organizer and NDRN Senior Staff Attorney Ken Shiotani, during the hands-on portion of the class:

Image: photo of two men standing behind a low brick wall facing the camera. On the left, a white man in a tan suit with a blue tie is looking down while he writes something on a piece of paper resting on the wall. On the left, an Asian man also in a suit, holds a piece of paper while looking over at the man on the left as he writes.

Showing how to measure slope:   context photo and close-up photo.

Image: photo of two-foot digital level sitting on brick pathway; a man's black shoes are in the upper right portion of the phot.

Image: close up photo of digital level read-out, reading "4.7."

Restroom survey practice.

Image: photo of a hand holding a tape measure that is measuring the height of a wall-mounted mirror. The tape measure shows the reflective surface to be 49 inches high. The mirror is surrounded by an ornate gold frame. The photographer is reflected in the mirror.

A couple of my slides:

Image: power point slide entitled "Common ADA Access Myths" with the text "No building is



Image: power point slide entitled "Maintenance of Access" and the text "ADA requires access to be maintained. Exception for


Update: more photos from Baltimore on my personal blog.