{Image: Porch-like structure in front of a mall store. The porch is surrounded by a railing, and only accessible by two steps in the middle of the front of the porch. At the back of the porch is a photo -- spanning the height and width of the rear wall -- of a male model with no shirt on. The roof of the porch like structure is sloped and tiled to look like a beach shack.}The Department of Justice and a terrific collection of disability rights organizations filed amicus briefs before the Tenth Circuit in our Hollister case.   A big thanks to Mark Gross and Sasha Samberg-Champion at the DOJ and to Michelle Uzeta, who drafted the brief on behalf of the disability rights amici:   Legal Center for People with Disabilities And Older People, American Association of People with Disabilities, Center for Rights of Parents with Disabilities, Disability Rights Advocates, Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Disability Rights Legal Center, Legal Aid Society – Employment Law Center, National Disability Rights Network, and National Federation of the Blind.

We deeply appreciate the support and enjoyed reading the excellent briefs!