Amicus Briefs

CREEC often writes (or co-authors) amicus or “friend of the court” briefs to support a legal position we believe in.  Here are a couple of examples:

Cropp v. Larimer County, Colorado (2019 brief to the Tenth Circuit): CREEC wrote to support the right to effective communication and to elucidate the “deliberate indifference” standard for damages under Title II of the ADA. 

Marks v. Colorado Department of Corrections (2019 brief to the Tenth Circuit): CREEC wrote to stress the importance of public entity liability under Title II of the ADA “directly or through contractual, licensing or other arrangements.”

Mielo v. Steak ‘N Shake Operations, Inc. (2018 brief to the Third Circuit): CREEC wrote to support certification of a class challenging discriminatory conditions under Title III of the ADA, as well as the important role of testers in enforcing Title III.

National Federation of the Blind v. Lamone (2015 brief to the Fourth Circuit): CREEC wrote in support of a broad interpretation of the Rehabilitation Act standard of “meaningful access,” here, on behalf of blind people to an accessible, independent, and private vote. 

Butler v. Winco Foods, LLC (2014 brief to the Ninth Circuit): CREEC wrote to underscore that the defendant in an ADA case challenging a discriminatory policy cannot moot the case with a last-minute change to the policy, especially while maintaining that the original policy was legal.