Celebrating civil disobedience

As a law nerd and an introvert, I have not really pulled my weight in the civil rights protest department.  When activists make signs, and travel long distances, and put on rain ponchos or wool hats or sunscreen and block buses or shout at meetings full of bioethicists plotting their convenient demise, I can be found in my warm/cool, dry, shaded office, attempting to advance the cause with Westlaw research and legal briefs.

So I’ve been following ADAPT’s protest in Little Rock from afar.  Tossed in a few bucks to help get the Colorado contingent to Arkansas, but otherwise just observing and law nerding as usual.  Which is why, for some reason, this interaction, as related by Michael Bailey, really struck me:

Chief of Police: “why you making this fuss? Nobody ever changed nothing breaking the law.”
Adapter: “The buses you’re taking us to jail on, are they accessible? ”
Chief of Police: “yes, they have ramps.”
Adapter: “we put those there. “

Yes, yes you did.  Congratulations, ADAPT, on a successful protest in Little Rock.  ADAPT’s website has many amazing photos, but this one poignantly shows the connection between direct action over the years.

anita & little rock statue

Thank you, ADAPT.  As for that progress in integration of people with disabilities?  You put that there!