Celebrating the little victories

Of course you hear from us when we achieve a major milestone, like settling a 12-year-long class action.  Woo hoo!  ::snoopydance::  But I want to take a second to celebrate two recent small victories of a type I wish happened more often.

In two recent cases — here meaning “examples,” not “federal court complaints” — we heard from an individual facing a situation where a reasonable accommodation was being refused.  A simple, logical, easy accommodation.  In both cases, we wrote letters, had rational, grown-up follow-up calls with rational, grown-up attorneys.  And in both cases the problem was solved.

This is so refreshing!  Too often, our letters are met with silence or — my personal favorite — accusations that we are threatening the addressee by explaining the problem on (I guess this is the threat) letterhead that indicates the presence of lawyers.   Most of the discrimination we end up litigating could be solved easily by a company or opposing counsel willing to roll up his/her/its sleeves and brainstorm.

So my hat is off to the two lawyers I just dealt with on these two very small matters.  You give me faith in your side of the profession.