Fast Advocacy for Communication

Image: Letters "F-A-C" on top of an icon of an arrow pointing right. Inside the arrow are the words "fast advocacy for communications."


The Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center is Excited to Introduce:



Do you need an interpreter, CART, or other service  for communication at an upcoming event? Have you been  told “no” or “bring your own interpreter” or “ask your family to interpret”?

  • This is a violation of the ADA, and
  • CREEC can help!


Step 1: Contact CREEC; describe the problem:

Step 2: Hire CREEC at no cost.

Step 3: CREEC writes a letter to  the doctor, hospital, venue, event, or other provider.   CREEC’s letter educates the provider and advocates for effective communication.



Examples:  after CREEC wrote an FAC letter….

  • … a doctor’s office agreed to provide interpreters for a Deaf couple’s appointments.
  • … a rehabilitation hospital agreed to provide interpreters for a Deaf woman recovering from surgery.
  • … an entertainment venue agreed to provide interpreters for a Deaf fan at a rock concert.

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