Final approval!

Today was the final approval hearing in our long-running Taco Bell litigation.  I’m happy to report that the judge approved the settlement and our motion for attorneys’ fees.  It’s always fun to appear for a final approval hearing, and to be before the Court in a good and collaborative mood, rather than an adversarial mood.  Here’s the team that gathered for the hearing

Image: eight people posing for a photo in front of foliage. Six women stand in the back row; in the front, a man in a wheelchair and a woman in a wheelchair.

And here are the team members who got the memo:

Image: four of the women from the photo above, wearing, from left to right. a pink skir with black jacket, a black suit with a red shirt, another in a black suit with a red shirt, and finally a black suit with a pink shirt.

Our deepest thanks to all of our team members, friends, and family who have contributed to this outcome!