Health Care Accessibility Survey

CREEC and the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition invite you to take our Health Care Accessibility Survey.

We are gathering information about medical providers (doctors, hospitals, dentists, etc.) who have any kind of barrier to people with disabilities, including people who are Deaf or blind, people with mobility disabilities, and others. We have created a survey to gather and organize this information.   You can take this survey in a number of different ways:

Online:[Image: A collection of 5 icons -- the symbol of the field of medicine surrounded by symbols for a person using a wheelchair, a person using a white cane, two hands using sign language, and two cartoon conversation bubbles superimposed on one another.]

By downloading the survey, printing it, filling it out, and mailing it to:

Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center
104 Broadway, Suite 400
Denver, CO  80203

or by scanning the completed form and emailing it to

If you would prefer to provide the information by phone, please email us at with your contact number and we will set up a call.  If you are Deaf and would prefer to be interviewed in ASL, please let us know, as we work with Deaf interviewers who are native signers and can schedule an interview with one of them.

Thank you — we very much appreciate your input!

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