CREEC is currently investigating the following matters. Click on the links for more information and please contact us if you have information or questions:

Medical and disability symbols

Health Care Accessibility Survey

We are gathering information about medical providers that have barriers to people with disabilities.  Please take our survey.  Thanks!

Signing hands

Medical Communication

Doctors, hospitals and other medical providers that fail to provide sign language interpreters or other effective communication.

Hands on keyboard

Internet Captions and College/University Content

Failure to caption internet content.


Magnifying glass

Undercover Investigations

Help us investigate discrimination!


Two men standing with hands clasped, both wearing formal suits

Discrimination Against LGBT People

CREEC is investigating discrimination against LGBT people in a variety of contexts.


Passageway with small windows

Discrimination in Prison

Discrimination against people with disabilities by police, jails, and prisons.


Wheelchair and no curb cut

Curb Cuts

Cities with inaccessible curbs.


Family in front of house

Lending Discrimination

Discrimination in mortgage lending based on:

  • Pregnancy or maternity leave
  • Receipt of Social Security Disability
Relay Call Hang-up Logo

Relay Call Testing

Investigating businesses that hang-up or reject calls placed through relay services.

Captioning in Sports Arenas

Captioning in sports arenas, ballparks, and stadiums.


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