Manager of Administration and Operations

The Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center (CREEC) is a legal nonprofit and membership organization. We are widely recognized for systemic change litigation and for education and support for lawyers, advocates, and individuals with questions about the areas in which we practice. This is a full-time, exempt position that is based in Denver, and can be partially remote, at the candidate’s discretion. 

Our Mission

CREEC’s goal is to ensure that everyone can fully and independently participate in our nation’s civic life without discrimination based on race, gender, disability, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We challenge discrimination through litigation and education, seeking systemic change and improvement in individual lives. CREEC provides legal expertise as well as education and resources to individuals, advocates, and lawyers in the immigrant and civil rights communities. CREEC’s work focuses on empowering communities through education and instructional resources, discourse, outreach, advocacy, collaboration, and well-timed humor. However, our work doesn’t stop there. We investigate and hold to account the powerful and the privileged. We file individual, systemic, and class action lawsuits while tenaciously protecting the civil rights of protected classes. 

Position Description

The Manager of Administration and Operations (MAO) will oversee and coordinate the administrative, financial, and operational aspects of CREEC to ensure that things can run smoothly and efficiently. This role influences strategy, policy, compliance, and more across all programs and departments. This is a full-time, exempt position with the ability to work remotely up to 60% of the time. This role is based in Denver, Colorado. 

The MAO embodies and practices the following values:

  • Service – Recognizing that the purpose of administration and operations is to serve CREEC’s clients by providing a foundation and structure for CREEC to carry out its mission; 
  • Stewardship – Responsibly managing CREEC’s resources and ensuring financial and operational sustainability, integrity, and accountability to the public; and 
  • Support – Supporting the wellbeing of staff and providing staff with the tools they need to efficiently do their jobs. 


The MAO is supervised by the Executive Director and collaborates closely with CREEC staff across all programs and departments. You will manage and work closely with CREEC partners and contractors under the direction of the Executive Director, including the Bookkeeper, CPA, auditing team, legal counsel, and compliance partners. 


The role includes the below areas of responsibility and job duties:


  • Setting annual goals for Operations and designing annual Operations calendar. Maintaining the annual Admin & Operations calendar to ensure that deadlines are tracked and met each year. 
  • Watching for systems or processes that are not working well and looking for improvements or alternatives, in consultation with the Executive Director. 
  • Serving as thought partner to the Executive Director, and potentially serving as a member of CREEC’s leadership team once we are fully staffed up. 
  • Work in CREEC’s office at least two days per week and coordinate all in-office items including incoming and outgoing mail, liaising with building management, coordinating equipment repairs, managing inventory, meeting with IT support providers when needed, preparing and shipping hardware to new staff, and more. 

Human Resources & Policy

  • The MAO is the primary liaison with CREEC’s Professional Employer Organization (PEO). The MAO will ensure that policy updates recommended by the PEO are rolled out to staff, and that CREEC policy and compliance concerns are brought to PEO for guidance. The MAO will keep the Executive Director up to date on policy and operational issues raised by and with the PEO. 
  • Maintaining personnel files internally and through the PEO, ensuring appropriate documentation is provided to the PEO of performance reviews, salary changes, and other documentation as needed. 
  • Liaising with the PEO to coordinate payroll and benefits, ensuring appropriate performance by the PEO. Reconciling leave balances, and serving as point of contact for staff questions regarding payroll and benefits, elevating those questions to the Executive Director as appropriate. 
  • Posting job notices when CREEC is hiring, managing the administrative element of the interview process, onboarding, and offboarding staff, interns/externs, and fellows in collaboration with other staff. 
  • Ensuring CREEC’s policies as set by the Executive Director, such as record retention policy, fiscal policy and procedure, and personnel policies, are followed. 

Information Technology

  • Coordinating CREEC’s IT environment including hardware, software, and tech tools. 
  • Coordinating CREEC’s backup and cybersecurity strategy as established by the Executive Director, in partnership with the IT Provider. 
  • Coordinate with IT provider including onboarding and offboarding, software provisioning and de-provisioning and licensing, assigning permissions, and assigning priority to the pipeline of IT support requests when needed. 
  • Ensuring the secure and confidential management of physical and electronic data, including maintaining a record retention schedule as created by the Executive Director and managing CREEC’s file systems and archives. 
  • Maintaining necessary software and subscriptions; working with the development staff to maintain CREEC’s necessary website infrastructure. 

Finance & Accounting

  • Serving as signatory and authorized party on all CREEC financial accounts, communicating with bank to update authorized parties on accounts. 
  • Primary point of contact for Bookkeeper and CPA to ensure expenses, payments, billing, and finances are accurately recorded in accordance with CREEC financial policies. 
  • Supporting the Executive Director in drafting and updating the annual budget and program-specific or grant-specific budgets. Creating specialized budget updates and/or reports as needed. 
  • Overseeing day-to-day accounts receivable and payable including; reconciling credit card expenses and donations; communicating with vendors; approving invoices for payment; and issuing payments. 
  • In collaboration with the CPA and at the direction of the Executive Director, ensuring CREEC’s accounting follows generally accepted accounting principles and CREEC fiscal policy and procedure. 
  • Coordinate annual audit and 990 process, including working with auditor and tax preparer; ensuring submission of required information; reviewing draft audits and 990s; and reviewing audit findings with the Executive Director, Bookkeeper, and CPA. 
  • Providing the CPA with information needed to prepare the annual functional expense allocation. 
  • Preparing statements for attorney’s fees and costs and reviewing and auditing timekeeping entries for completion. 
  • Tracking spending toward grants, preparing financial reports for grants, and assist in preparing grant budgets in collaboration with development and program staff. 
  • Reviewing vendor contracts annually; seeking competing bids as needed at the director of the Executive Director. 


  • Supporting the Executive Director in preparing information for Board meetings, such as financial reports and updates. 
  • Attending Board meetings, presenting information on administration and operations as requested, and answering questions related to operations or finance. 
  • Collaborating with the Executive Director, Board, and staff on a range of strategic planning and internal initiatives. 

Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Coordinating insurance renewals, gathering quotes and proposals for upcoming policy years, drafting applications for renewal and submitting payroll and audit reports as needed. 

Taxes & Government Filings

  • Setting up and maintaining accounts with state and local authorities, ensuring accounts are active and in good standing, and communicating with government and administrative offices when needed. 
  • Working with external partner on annual charitable registration renewals. 
  • Ensuring W-2s and 1099s are timely issued. 
  • Drafting and filing all state and local reports and returns including business personal property tax schedules; tax returns and corporate registration renewals, with approval and sign off by the Executive Director. 


The successful applicant will:

  • Have at least 6 years of experience in nonprofit administration or operations. 
  • Be familiar with Quickbooks and have past experience with nonprofit finance and audits. 
  • Have a relevant background in finance and/or HR, and/or business administration. 
  • Relevant degree a strong plus. 
  • Relevant language skills in Spanish or ASL a strong plus. 

Additional Qualifications

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be a bit of a process, policy, and infrastructure nerd. 
  • Be a strategic thinker and natural problem solver with the ability to think critically and analytically. 
  • Be able to multi-task and balance day-to-day tasks with high-level planning and vision, track the details and needs of various projects at once, and ruthlessly prioritize. 
  • Be committed to integrity and prioritize accuracy, confidentiality, and stewardship. 
  • Be committed to intersectional liberation and curious about creative ways to put this into practice within CREEC, including with empathy, humility, community care, and openness to continually learning and improving. 

Salary & Benefits

Salary: $84,032 per year. 

Salary is dependent upon CREEC’s internal salary scale, which is adjusted for geographic location of the candidate, years’ experience, and other factors, and will be no lower than $84,032 per year for a candidate in Denver, Colorado, where this role is based. Benefits include a healthcare plan with CREEC covering 100% of employee premiums, a 401(k) retirement plan to which CREEC contributes, three weeks of Vacation Leave, workers’ compensation insurance, and an annual $500 education allowance to use for language courses or professional development that would support your work at CREEC. We prioritize employee wellbeing, so also offer a free personal day each month, with that increasing to three days per month in the summer months of June, July and August. We are closed the week between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. 

Each benefit is subject to eligibility requirements as specified in plan documents, and CREEC reserves the right to modify the benefits it offers from time to time. 

How to Apply

Please submit to a resume or CV and a cover letter explaining why you would be ideal for this role in light of the description above and your experience. Write “MAO (YOUR LAST NAME)” in the subject line. 

CREEC is an equal opportunity employer that values a diverse workforce and promotes an inclusive culture. CREEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability, or veteran status. Applicants with marginalized identities are encouraged to apply.