Neighbors object to family’s ramp and driveway

CREEC is representing a family whose neighbors are objecting to a ramp they installed because their daughter uses a wheelchair.   The matter got some coverage on Colorado Springs’s KKTV


KKTV capture

{Image description:   Screen grab from KKTV broadcase showing bullet points:   Fair Housing Act says:   Family has a right to have the ramp; Right to use and enjoy their home; Nobody can interfere with that right.}

Can you tell I don’t know how to embed video yet?   If you click on the image, though, you’ll get KKTV’s video and print article, including my interview:

The Fair Housing Act says that someone with disabilities has the right to have something like this ramp. The family has the right to use and enjoy their house, and the law prohibits anyone from interfering with that right.

. . .

We’re sending a letter today to the neighbor, and again, the tone of that letter is very explanatory. Just hoping that if they understand the law, that this problem will be resolved. Of course, if they want to meet, we’d certainly be open to a meeting.