Immigration Detention Accountability Project

About IDAP

We believe that immigration detention – in which people alleged to have violated civil statutes are confined in prison-like settings – is inherently constitutionally suspect and should be abolished. However, while detention is sanctioned by the courts and Congress, CREEC’s Immigration Detention Accountability Project will fight to ensure that people held in ICE custody are held in constitutionally adequate conditions, receive constitutionally adequate care, and are not discriminated against on the basis of disability. We undertake this work at the individual, facility-specific, and system-wide level, in the form of direct representation, class action litigation, and serving as resources and educators for the disability rights and immigration communities

CREEC is a national leader at the intersection of immigration and disability. We provide important support to detained people and their advocates and community through individual advocacy and legal representation, technical assistance, and systemic change litigation targeting ICE’s treatment of people in its detention system. We are regularly invited to speak at national conferences, law schools, and to stakeholders.

How to apply

Please contact CREEC’s Director of the Immigration Detention Accountability Project, Elizabeth Jordan, prior to sending your externship application materials.