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About CREEC fellowships

We begin accepting fellowship applications in the spring of the year prior to when a fellowship will start, e.g., applications are accepted in the spring of 2022 for a fellowship that would start in the fall of 2023. In the upcoming cycle, CREEC’s deadline is July 1, 2022. 

The Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center (CREEC) invites second or third-year law students or judicial clerks to seek CREEC sponsorship in applying for fellowships such as from Equal Justice Works (EJW), Skadden, and Justice Catalyst fellowships.


CREEC was established in 2013 to conduct impact litigation and engage in outreach, education, and proactive investigation. Through large-scale class action lawsuits and individual cases, as well as education efforts, CREEC works to ensure that everyone can fully and independently participate in our nation’s civic life without discrimination based on race, gender, disability, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation or gender identity. CREEC’s education and enforcement work and nearly all our current cases fall under the Immigration Detention Accountability Project (IDAP) or under the Accessibility Project.

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