Welcome Sanho!

CREEC is honored to welcome Sanho Steele-Louchart as an intern this summer! An experienced disability rights advocate and former special education teacher, Sanho is currently a second-year student at the University of Oklahoma College of Law and will be working with CREEC’s Accessibility Project through August.

Sanho’s interest in disability rights began when he experienced the negative impact of ableism first-hand after becoming blind at age 12. Early on, Sanho joined the nonprofit, World Access for the Blind, where he traveled throughout North America and Europe, advocating alongside disabled people and their families. Sanho eventually deepened his role, becoming a World Access for the Blind instructor, author, and presenter. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Western Michigan University, Sanho went on to earn his master’s degree in Orientation and Mobility/Special Education also from Western Michigan University. Following several years as a highly successful program coordinator and special education teacher, it became clear to Sanho that if he wanted to make an even greater difference in the lives of disabled students and their families, he would need to become an attorney.

Sanho states, “It became clear to me that civil rights laws are only as good as their enforcement. If I wanted to effectively fight for the rights of my students and their families, I needed to go to law school. I believe that it is both my honor and my responsibility as a disability rights advocate to remind the world that disabled people matter.”

During his internship with CREEC’s Accessibility Project, Sanho hopes to increase his knowledge of intersectionality among disabled people and to work with populations and communities he hasn’t experienced yet. Sanho is especially interested in working at the intersections of disability rights, prisoner rights, and voter rights this summer.

Martie Lafferty, CREEC’s Director of the Accessibility Project, states, “We’re excited to have Sanho with us. His lived experience of disability along with his impressive educational and work history shape his professional goals in ways that will enrich his internship and help move CREEC’s projects forward this summer.”

Outside of his work as a disability advocate and law student, Sanho is passionate about languages – he’s conversant in English, Spanish, Italian, and Russian – as well as reading, mindfulness, and cooking.

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