As our name suggests, CREEC promotes this goal through education — member input, instructional materials, individual  advocacy, persuasion, hectoring, humor, collaboration, and animated YouTube videos — and enforcement, that is, investigating and filing lawsuits.

CREEC Civil Rights Education and Enforcement CenterWe always hope our educational efforts are effective — and  entertaining! — but let’s face it, most of our country’s civil  rights laws have been on the books for decades and some  folks still haven’t gotten the point. We call these people “defendants.” Well, first we call them  “subjects of investigation,” then we call them “recipients of demand letters,” then “people we’re  politely discussing the requirements of civil rights laws with,” and THEN — if they still haven’t  gotten the point — we call them “defendants.”

We hope you’ll join us and let us know what we should be investigating and who we should be educating.