One of the main reasons we started CREEC was to have a platform for civil rights education, including everything from continuing legal education to YouTube videos.

Toward this end, here are some of the educational projects we’re working on:

Hand on mesh window

ADA in Prison

An overview of disability rights laws applicable in the prison/jail context.

Title III of the ADA

Title III of the ADA

An Overview of the Architectural Provisions (PDF)

A quick introduction to the requirements for new and old buildings.

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Disability Rights in Colorado

Making Change Since…Long Before It Was Legally Required.

Stupid ADA Defenses video

Stupid ADA Defenses

Yup – we’ve heard them all!


Rainbow flag

LGBT & Trans* Rights

We frequently give CLE presentations on LGBT employment and employee benefits issues.
The Cute Puppies’ Guide to Title III of the ADA

The Cute Puppies’ Guide to Title III of the ADA

In jest, but only partly. 

Because we discovered that it’s hard sometimes to make people focus on their obligations under Title III, we paired the basic principles with photos of cute puppies.


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