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Icon of Amy Robertson and Tim Fox as bobblehead dolls, outlined in maroon.

A message from Tim Fox and Amy Robertson, Co-Founders of CREEC: 

“We founded CREEC in 2013 after 17 years doing impact disability rights litigation at our private law firm, Fox & Robertson, PC. We believed that the model that had been successful in our private firm could sustain a nonprofit and provide a platform for non-litigation activities like individual advocacy and educational programs. And so it was.  

CREEC continued to make systemic change through litigation while also providing individual advocacy for d/Deaf people seeking effective communication and detained immigrants with disabilities, among others. CREEC also conducted trainings and prepared materials on a wide range of subjects both serious – “The ADA in Prison” – and lighthearted – “The Cute Puppies’ Guide to the ADA.”   

As we had hoped, CREEC’s status as a nonprofit permitted it to conduct proactive investigations – including civil rights testing – and serve as a representative plaintiff in impact cases. We were also privileged to work with some of the smartest, coolest people we knew as Board Members, members of the Litigation Committee, co-counsel, and staff.   

We are very pleased with CREEC’s new leadership and staff, with CREEC’s continued focus on crucial areas at the intersection of disability rights and immigration and incarceration, and with new initiatives such as disaster and environmental justice. CREEC continues to realize and build on our vision for the organization.  

We are honored by the forming of the Founders’ Circle to honor and recognize CREEC’s founding vision and the incredible commitment of donors and supporters who believe in the promise of true equality. Without their support and advice, CREEC simply wouldn’t be able to do the long-term strategizing that’s needed to win our fights for a more just, inclusive future.”  

When you join the Founders’ Circle with a gift of $2,500, you are helping to fund extraordinary legal work that positively impacts the lives of millions of disabled people in America. Your support helps fuel the long-term legal change that doesn’t happen overnight. As a member of the Founders’ Circle, you will have access to:

  • Meetings with CREEC staff and access to one-on-one conversations with our program experts.
  • In-depth updates and quarterly digital newsletter.
  • Special recognition in our Annual Report.
  • Exclusive sneak peek First look at CREEC reports and exciting projects.
  • Access and invitations to our webinars, trainings, and events.
  • An interview in our newsletter, if you’d like to be featured.

To join the Founders’ Circle with a gift of $2,500 or more, please email Patricia Cronin at or click below, enter your donation amount in the “other” form, and note that it is for the Founders’ Circle.