Celebration and Inspiration – CREEC’s Annual Event

Success! CREEC’s Annual Event, held on September 19, 2019, was met with resounding success. A beautiful evening greeted all 121 attendees at the History Colorado Center, many of whom enjoyed the spectacular city view from the balcony before heading inside to listen to remarks from Co-Executive Directors, Amy and Tim, and this year’s Challenging Discrimination Award recipient, César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández.

This year’s event attracted teachers, lawyers, nonprofit professionals, volunteers, business people, graduate/law students, activists, parents, kids, and more. Amid the fun of the selfie photo booth with ‘Challenge Discrimination’ and ‘Badass Seeker of Justice’ signs, the ‘I Challenge Discrimination by…’ message board, and the overflowing information table with contributions from more than a dozen area non-profits, conversation flowed, and connections were made. The pervasive feeling seemed to be that together, we would continue to make positive change in our world.

Our event was made possible by the generous support of our 29 sponsors (who collectively gave more than $42,000), our event ticket holders, and CREEC’s numerous clients, ambassadors and advocates. Thank you one and all!

Whether or not you were able to attend CREEC’s event this year, you may enjoy checking out these resources:

Haven’t supported CREEC yet this year, but want to? Given to CREEC already, but want to give again?

  • Text-to-Donate: Text “SupportCREEC” to 44321
  • Give Online
  • Mail your check to 104 Broadway, Ste 400 | Denver, CO 80203
  • Contact director of development, Julie Yates at jyates@creeclaw.org or 303.757.7901

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