CREEC Announces Immigration Detention Accountability Project

The Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center is pleased to announce the launch of the Immigration Detention Accountability Project (IDAP) and the appointment of Elizabeth Jordan as Director of the Project.

The Immigration Detention Accountability Project will focus on three major areas:

  • Impact litigation challenging the conditions of confinement in immigration detention centers;
  • Impact litigation challenging discrimination against detained immigrants with disabilities; and
  • Education and outreach on detention conditions and treatment of immigrants with disabilities.
IDAP will also provide pro bono direct representation of detained immigrants — in immigration and federal court — in support of these three goals.
Liz Jordan joined CREEC as our first CREEC Fellow in June 2017, proposing a project to challenge conditions in immigration Image: Liz Jordan, white woman with glasses and curly hair, smilingdetention facilities.  Since that time, Liz and other CREEC lawyers and paralegals:

Photograph of the sign outside GEO Aurora ICE Processing Center. The Detention center is blurry in the background.

Based on the success of Liz’s fellowship project, we decided to create a permanent Immigration Detention Accountability Project.

The Project joins — and complements — CREEC’s ongoing education and litigation projects challenging discrimination in government, prisons and jails, public accommodations, housing, and other arenas.

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